Crisis Helpline

Established in 1988, the KUTO Crisis Helpline is the only confidential hotline staffed entirely by trained youth volunteers in the Greater St. Louis area. teen crisis hotlineStaffed everyday after 4pm CST by volunteers who are trained to listen and help identify problems and develop effective solutions.

Daily hours of operation are: Sunday – Thursday: 4 pm to 10 pm Friday – Saturday: 4 pm to midnight

(888) 644-5886  (314) 644-5886

The Helpline is a safe resource for youth where they are free to express their concerns, explore feelings, identify stressors and realize effective coping mechanisms. The Helpline is available to help young people find the hope and strength to cope positively with the pressures and stress in their lives and to encourage using positive skills to manage stress, mediate conflict and work through feelings. The Helpline is staffed by trained youth Crisis Workers (CW) who work with callers to build self-esteem and confidence and help callers consider and develop new coping mechanisms and problem solving methods. CWs assist callers in developing realistic plans of action and help identify options that might bring resolution to the caller’s situation. If you need help during a time when the KUTO Helpline is not staffed, check out these resources.

What is a Crisis Worker? Crisis Workers (CW) provide immediate telephone response to help callers who are trying to manage “daily hassles” or who are experiencing a crisis of any kind, such as depression, health or sexual issues, even thoughts of suicide. KUTO CWs encourage trust, openness and empathy and accept people as they are. From the beginning of the call to the end of the call, CWs treat each caller with respect and maintain confidentiality. KUTO CWs DO NOT tell callers how to feel or what to do, nor do they give advice or tell people how to “fix it.” CWs realize that not all problems can be easily solved and not all callers want to be helped. Get more information about becoming a Helpline Crisis Worker.